Garlic Bread 7,00€
Roasted pork rind 8,50€
Prawns with chilli and garlic 12,50€
Hot cheese sandwiches 7,50€
Sweet potato fries 6,50€
Spicy chicken wings 9,50€
Snack platter for two (Cheese, sliced meat, toasted baquette and spreads) 17,00€
Salmon carpaccio with beetroot 13,00€


Thick Russian soup (solyanka) 8,00€
Creamy salmon soup 9,00€
Goat's cheese cream and raw buckwheat salad 12,50€
Hot- smoked salmon salad with crispy potatoes and cottage cheese sauce 12,00€
Caesar salad with grilled chicken/shrimps 12,00€/13,00€
Chickpea curry 13,00


Club sandwich 11,50€
Pasta with prawns and vegetables 14,00€
Pasta with chicken and Parmesan 13,00€
Tommi's chicken kebab with french fries 12,50€
Tommi burger with beef, bacon and french fries 14,50€
Crispy chicken burger with sweet potato fries 13,50€
Grilled pike perch with citrus risotto 21,00€
Minute steak with garlic & herb potatoes and red wine sauce 25,00€
BBQ pork ribs with garlic & herb potatoes and salsa 20,00€
Grilled fillet of duck with carrot cream and red wine sauce 23,00€


Chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes 6,50€
Pasta with ham 6,50€
Wieners with fries 6,50€


Warm chocolate cake with ice cream and strawberry mint jam 7,50€
Creme brulee with rasperry sorbet 7,50€
White chocolate cheesecake with strawberry & mint jam 7,50€
Oreo icecream shake 6,00€

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